What materials are used to produce the Gaffelbox?

The Gaffelbox is made of ABS (the outer shell) and the inner box with the compartments is made out of Tritan. The inside of the lid is molded silicone. The product is BPA- and phtalate free.

Can the Gaffelbox go into the dishwasher?

We always wash the Gaffelbox with warm water and soap. But the tritan box with compartments can go in the dishwasher (top rack only), wash the outer shell only with water and soap.

Can the Gaffelbox be microwaved?

The outer shell cannot be microwaved, the tritan box with compartments can. Just remember the main purpose of the Gaffelbox are cold lunches.

Is the Gaffelbox leakproof?

Because of the unique lid, the content of each compartment stays separate. Each compartment is closed individually by the silicone inner cover. You can e.g. put yoghurt in the Gaffelbox without leaking it into the other compartments. Liquid drinks like water or runny salad dressings will leak.

I have difficulties opening my Gaffelbox. What now?

Especially when your Gaffelbox is very new, it will open a bit more difficult. This is because of the silicone inner lid that keeps the box leakproof. After a few times opening and closing the Gaffelbox it will become a lot easier. Because of the two handy clips, small children can easily open and close your Gaffelbox. Please check the short youtube movie below to see the best way to open and close the box.