Our story starts a few years ago when our eldest son was born in Vancouver, Canada. Before he was born we did not really think about our eating habits at lunch. But it soon became clear that Canadian people - especially children - have a different lunch culture than people in Belgium

Of course, it was not just the different eating habits that inspired us. We were also confronted with 'a difficult eater'. Our eldest son likes to eat small portions of different products. If we would serve four sandwiches in his lunch box three would come back. So we were faced with a challenge. Fortunately, we found a lunch box through an American company in which we could easily combine small portions.

We have been living in Belgium for several years now and recently our youngest son started school. We started looking for a lunch box again to continue our eating habits. The search was a lot harder this time. Buying a lunch box in the United States is not a cheap and easy option. That is why we started looking for other suppliers in Belgium, but to our surprise we did not find what we needed. That's why we started Gaffelbox. With the Gaffelbox we want to inspire other adults to reflect on our eating habits during lunch. We are convinced that a lunch box - whether it is our own or that our children's - can be delicious, fun and healthy.