De Gaffelbox Because lunch can be tasty and healthy


Leakproof separate compartments

Our Gaffelbox is a bento lunchbox (box with separate compartments) where you can easily combine the traditional sandwiches with e.g. fruit, yoghurt, vegetables or apple sauce. Because of the unique lid, the content of each compartment stays separate. Each compartment is leakproof so your lunch stays tasty and attractive.


For children and adults

Choose beween a Gaffelbox with 4 or 6 compartments. The size of the Gaffelbox is the same. Depending of the lunch you would like to prepare, you can distribute the food between 4 or 6 compartments. The smaller round compartment in the middle is meant for dip or nuts (something small). Even smaller children can easily open and close the lid.


Filling the Gaffelbox

Eating the same food each and every day gets boring and monotonous. The Gaffelbox will change that. How you fill the Gaffelbox is your own choice, be creative or get inspired. On our Facebook and Instagram page you can see how we fill the Gaffelbox. Use #gaffelbox on social media so we can share your tasty Gaffelboxes with others.


Easy to clean

The Gaffelbox consists of 2 parts (the outer shell and the box with compartments in tritan). You can take the compartments out of the shell so you can easily clean the Gaffelbox. The shell can be cleaned with water and soap, the tritan box with compartments can go in the dishwasher (top rack only). The Gaffelbox is BPA- and phtalate free and is produced in safe and strong materials. Watch our FAQ for more information.